Thursday, July 08, 2010

Moving Day

This is it.  Today the wheels on the house will go ‘round and ‘round.  We said our good-byes to the kids and the munchkins yesterday afternoon.  We’ve grown accustom to seeing those little faces everyday so it was kind of hard to say good bye.  It will be three months before we see those little faces again.

Being that the temperatures are trying to bust the mercury out of the thermometer, we’ll get an early start this morning while it is still somewhat cool (cool is a relative term here).  We have quite a bit to do as we haven’t gotten very far in our preparations but, we still hope to be on the road by ten o’clock.

It will be a short move to Raccoon Valley which is just north of Knoxville (about a three hour trip).  We’ll stay there for at least a week with plans to wash the RV and the truck while we are there. 

Yesterday we got the word that our new son-in-law will be dragging our daughter off to Washington, D.C..  Joel is very organized and hopes to straighten things out at the White House; not really.  He works in the Public Relations Department for the U. S. Air Force and they both have been “chomping at the bit” to move to that area; only the good Lord knows why!  This means that we’ll have four kids in four different states – a formula for fulltiming if I ever saw one!

Well, it’s time for us to go pack up the mule, hitch up the wagon, and mosey on down the trail.  So it’s “Wagons Hoe!”  “See ya on the flip side!”         


  1. Well I hope Joel will have some success at the White House! Lord knows it needs straightening out : )

    You're right, having kids all over the country would make the Rv lifestyle very practical.

  2. We've got 5 kids in 5 states, from Oregon to Florida, so now you know why we've been full-timing for so long. :-)

    Safe Travels and enjoy Raccoon Valley


  3. Be safe. Enjoy the downtime in Knoxville. See you in a few weeks!!