Friday, October 28, 2011

Company Arrives–Yay!!!!!!

Mike and Gerri Jones arrived at the hotel in Fairhope around four o’clock.  After checking in, they made their way over to Darrell and Judy’s house for a nice visit.  We did burgers on the grill, a garden salad, deviled eggs, and raspberry squares with coffee for a dessert.  It was great just to see them again.

We spent the first half hour just catching up on our lives since our last visit at Rainbow Plantation in the spring of 2010.  Then it was just a free-for-all discussion of anything and everything – with much humor.  They’re staying for two nights before heading back to Georgia so later today we’ll be going to Big Daddy’s for, most likely, a shrimp dinner.  Yum-Yum.

Let’s see, today is Friday!!  I think I’ll cross a couple more items off the Ol’ Ta Do List.  I’ll change out the water filter and go get some propane.  Miss Judy is at “all ahead stop” on my Man Quilt.  She has run out of the right color thread and the only place (that she knows of) to get more is JoAnn Fabrics which is in Pensacola. 

We’ve been waiting for my glasses to come into Eye Glass World to make the trip, but they still haven’t arrived.  I called and talked to the manager yesterday as it has been two and a half weeks and he assured me that they would be in today.  Hopefully he’s right and we can go get them first thing tomorrow morning.

Okay, doakie then.  We promise to get some pictures of Mike and Gerri this afternoon.  They want to catch the sunset from the park in Fairhope this evening – we just may tag along.  That would be a great photo op.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - - -