Thursday, October 13, 2011

We’ve Gone And Done Did It!!!!

We’ve tweaked, twittered, and twisted our 2012 budget all sorts of ways and no matter how we figured it, it just wouldn’t balance.  Plus we need to replenish our emergency fund which has been greatly depleted over the past three years.  So, we took matters into our own hands and committed ourselves to going back to w*rk (probably a lot of emphasis should be placed upon the word “committed” which is what we most likely will be by the end of the 2012 year).  Yep, we’re going back to w*rk, but we’re not making any careers out of it - it will just seem that way.

On Wednesday we secured two different temporary employment stints.  One is for November 13th to December 23rd this year with at Campbellsville, Kentucky.  That six week stint will enable us to earn close to five grand.  The second is with Hearthside Luxury RV Resort in Petoskey, Michigan from mid June to mid October.  We’ll w*rk full time as Resort Service Representatives being paid for all hours w*rked; however, because we have a fifthwheel, we’ll have to take a seasonal site at their sister campground which is the Petoskey KOA (a 10-10-10 Trailer Life Campground about a mile down the road).  That gig will net us around eight grand after renting a seasonal site at a fantastic campground with lots of amenities including a swimming pool and hot tub/sauna (tough to take).

This isn’t the way we had planned our fulltime lifestyle, but, after screaming, “Wallet heal thyself!!!” over the past few months with no response, it’s what we have to do.  “A man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do!!!”  We’ll w*rk our asss-etts off at Campbellsville, but the “job” in Petoskey will be enjoyable and mostly fun.  And in the end, we’ll have some do-re-mi back in our emergency fund.  Like I said before, we don’t just want the ends to meet – we want them to overlap.  Depending on how this year’s assignment goes, we may consider doing it again at the end of next year – that would tidy up the ol’ emergency fund just dandy. 

Okay, so enough of that and on to other things.  Judy has the sewing machine out and is starting the assembly of the Man Quilt.  Alex, her helper, is right in the thick of things checking it out to see how much fun quilt making can be.  He just loves anything that has to do with rope, yarn, string, or thread – it’s playtime for Bonzo!!!  My task is going to be mowing the lawn once again ‘cause if I don’t get to it then we’ll have to get a goat in here pretty soon.  I’m, also, checking over the Ol’ Ta Do List to see what items absolutely/positively have to be done before pulling out of here in less than a month.  It is now time to get a wiggle on, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow look for Katt Tales II as Katie takes center stage.  Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -


  1. What big plans you have, my dear, and they sound like good plans, as well. Like you say, "gotta do what you gotta do". Since y'all're not gonna be at the Plantation when we get there, I hope you'll stop to say "hi" in TN on your way to KY.

  2. You'll be in a great location for next summer -- you'll not lack for things to see & do on your days off! Petoskey can get a little crowded in July, but the rest of the summer should be great. We've never stayed at the KOA, but have heard great things about it.


  3. Well now - that work schedule ought to keep you out of trouble for awhile!

  4. Doesn't sound like a bad gig if ya gotta w*rk.