Sunday, October 16, 2011

If It’s Sunday Then It Must Be Football

If it’s Sunday then it’s time for football, not really.  Judy and I are not really professional sports fans (fan is short for fanatic).  We enjoy watching a game here and there, mainly the Patriots, but we’ll still do something else while we’re watching – reading, beading, or something to keep ourselves occupied.  Generally, we turn the sound way down real low.  The sport casters can drive one nuts, they keep yammering on for two solid hours without saying a dang thing.  And if they don’t drive you completely nuts, then the constant flashing of replays will push you over the edge.  Sometimes it’s hard to determine the current game from one played six years ago.  “Wow, they just got a touch down!!!  Wait a minute, that was last year’s game, ohhhh my!”

So, if it’s Sunday then it’s time for worship.  Actually, everyday should be time for worship.  Fortunately for us, God doesn’t just show up on Sunday.  We need His presence 24/7.  Also, fortunately for us, He’s not too busy to spend time on us even while we’re too busy whining about our modem/router problems.  Our society has gotten itself soooo busy with all our activities and toys it’s hard to find time to squeeze in for God.  No wonder we’re such a mess.  But, God is still there, He hasn’t moved.  We just need to move a little closer to Him.

God’s got the whole world in His hands and He’s beginning to shake it up.  He says, “Look My children, see what I’m doing, see what I’m up to!”  He’s about to do great and miraculous things, but we’re too occupied with more important things, “But I want cheese doodles - whaaaa!”  Please don’t take offense here, I’m writing to myself.  But if you feel convicted – I’m just saying!!!!! 

I guess Sunday is a “football” day, but, like I said, we’ve lost most of our interest in professional football.  It’s just plain hard to sit inside on these gorgeous days gawking at the boob tube.  Now we could sit outside and gawk at the telly but we enjoy leaning back in our loungers with a nice ice cold glass of semi-sweet tea while reading a good book.  With winter approaching we just don’t how many more of these days we’ll get before we’re relegated to sitting inside.  So, for now, it’s like my mother used to say, “You kids go play outside!”

So, being that it’s going to be a gorgeous day, I guess we’ll go to worship this morning and, then, go outside and play this afternoon.  If the Patriots are playing, then we might turn on the outside TV. 

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - - -


  1. Good for you! Sandy and I have never understood the national obsession with sports and the obscene amount of money involved. It would be wonderful if folks could be half as excited about their relationship to God and their eternal destiny! Wishing you continued blessings and happiness...