Sunday, October 09, 2011

Know When To Hold ‘Em

As y’all know, we’ve been struggling with the marriage between our Pantech modem and Cradlepoint router.  We had contacted a divorce lawyer and were about to let them part ways when all of a sudden we got some counseling from Cradlepoint (the router manufacturer).  They had me change some of the settings on the router and that helps eliminate most of the disconnect issues,  They told us to hang on, a new firmware update will be released within the next couple of months that should (emphasis on the word “should”) take care of the 4G issue.  They, also, told us that upgrading to the CTR35 or MBR95 would not resolve the issue because it’s Pantech/Verizon’s latest firmware update that is causing the problem.

You see, Verizon doesn’t give a hoot whether their products work in Cradlepoint’s routers or not.  As long as their products work when connected to a computer is all they are concerned about.  So, whenever they release an update it is up to the router manufacturers to reconfigure their products to work with Verizon’s modems (that, by the way, is true of any of the carriers).

Anyway, based on the above information, we’ve decided to hang on and see what comes about after we download Cradlepoint’s new firmware.  If it still doesn’t work, then we’ll go to Verizon and “cry them a river” for a new MIFI contract.  We’ve heard back from several of our readers who have both the 3G and 4G MIFI’s and that seems to be the best option that we’ve come across to date. 

“They”, whoever they are, roll out new technology before “they”, whoever they are, have all the bugs worked out of the system.  That’s why it is always best to wait until the new technology stabilizes before purchasing.  We upgraded to 4G simply because of the savings ($10 per month plus another $7.50 military discount).  Right now we would just as soon have our old USB760 back and pay the $60 per month for good connectivity and reasonable speeds.  Ya just gotta “know when to hold ‘em”.

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  1. Darrell, we have a Verizon MiFi and found it very dependable - except for the following issues.
    1. It does not like Windows Vista very much. Often drops internet. No issues with Windows 7.
    2. MiFi does not have an option to connect an external antenna.
    Travel safe.