Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Out And About

The world is almost all well.  The Fugitive has been proven innocent, the Littlest Hobo has a new home, and Amanda is free.  Now if we can just get the economy out of the toilet; then there will be peace in the valley and happiness throughout the land.  We’re glad that Amanda Knox was found not guilty and released from prison.  It was a great day for the Knox family.

We had a big brunch at Cracker Barrel yesterday; actually it was a late breakfast, but it was yummy.  Then we went to Tanger Outlet to find some sandals for Judy.  We checked out Merrill’s, strike one, then we journeyed over to Rockport, strike two, and, finally, we dropped by Clarks, home run!!!  Not only did Miss Judy retread her feet, I found a pair of sandals as well.  Both pairs were on sale (about 30%) off and we got an additional 25% off by donating a dollar to the Breast Cancer Fund.  Yippee.

When I was a w*rking stiff, I used to buy Clark shoes for my feet.  They were the most comfortable shoes I could find and they lasted for a long time.  The sandals have the same arch support as the Clark shoes which will make them very comfortable and, hopefully, will help with some of my knee pain.  Anywhoo, we’re both happy campers.

Next, we made a stop to feed the truck.  Judy exclaimed, “Look!!!  Dodge’s has diesel at $3.58.9!!!”  Isn’t it something when we get all excited about fuel being at $3.58 – it should be at $2.58 or lower?  However, the truck left smiling with a full belly.  After a stop at the bank and the library, we made our way home where we sat outside and did some reading.  We didn’t get any Ta Do List items cleared yesterday.

The swallows are slowly returning to Capistrano.  Yesterday Jerry and Diane, fellow ERPU residents, returned to Rainbow Plantation.  It was good to see them again and welcome them “home”.  More and more people are beginning to show up in the campground as well.  The fall always brings cooler weather and Snowbirds to the southland.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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