Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Heading For Divorce Court

So the weather continues to be just wonderful.  Yesterday morning we went for a walk and then jumped onto our projects – Judy, the man quilt and me, the Ta Do List.  I managed to strike four items off the list without adding any more.  Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed the comfort of our outdoor recliners.  And, needless to say, we spent time reading.

Yes, of course, Alex came out and joined us for awhile; this time he sat with his momma and watched the birds, butterflies, and whatever else the wind might blow on by.  He loves his outside time.

What can I say, the truck got the day off.  Speaking of the truck, we still don’t know what ran the batteries down, but we haven’t had any more problems.  Something must have been left on – we have no idea what.  Maybe the door was ajar and the overhead light remained on.  Just ‘cause we didn’t notice it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

We’ve continued our marriage counseling, but Mr. Pantech and Mrs. Cradlepoint just aren’t getting it.  In a last attempt, I dug out my old magnetic antenna and our pizza pan and set it up on the table outside running the cable into our Wilson 3 watt amplifier.  The speed improved greatly, however, later in the evening we lost connectivity – Aaarrrggghh!!!!!!  So, now the only thing left to do is contact a divorce lawyer and separate these two before they drive us entirely crazy.  That means a trip to Verizon to see what our options might be.

Maybe they’ll swap out our Pantech with another one, or maybe I can get them to exchange it for the LG VL600, but I’m thinking MIFI.  Is that a good choice?  Let us know if any of you have had experience with the MIFI, especially the new Novatel 4510L.  We’re not gonna do anything for another week or two, so we’ve got time to hear your thoughts.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -


  1. Your morning title shook me up lol...glad to see its the electronics getting a divorce!!! Kevin and Ruth of travel with Kevin and Ruth have mifi and are quite impressed with it..check out their blog I'm sure he would be more than willing to answer any questions you may have. Stay safe!!

  2. We have been using the MiFi 4510 from Verizon since June. It was pretty sketchy in Colorado because we were in a fringe are but it is doing pretty good here in Kansas. It is as good as our air card was and if we ever get in the right area it is 4g also.