Monday, October 03, 2011

Life On The Fast Track

Not much happening in L. A. other than some of the greatest weather of the year.  We’re just enjoying the cooler nights and temperatures in the seventies during the days with cloudless skies.  This kind of weather is supposed to continue for the rest of the week.  So this will be a great time to get some of the outside chores accomplished.

Here is our weekend activities:  we mowed the lawn, updated our budget with September’s expenditures, went for a couple of walks, attended church, took a nap, read, and attended the ice cream social at the clubhouse.  Oh yes, we did our daily chores and ate a few meals.  Our Saturday evening meal was an honest to goodness home made pizza.  It’s been a long time since we’ve done that.

While we were in Maine last summer, we bought some frozen pizza dough made by Portland Bread Company.  It is goooooood stuff.  So we used that and added some Ragu’ pizza sauce, Italian six cheese, pepperoni, ham, tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions with just a little parmesan cheese and oregano sprinkled on top.  I like to add crushed hot peppers to my slices.  It was all so yummy with a couple of pieces left over for our evening meal last night.

As the weeks pass by, more and more people are showing up at the Plantation, both residents and in the campground.  It’s nice to see their smiling faces once again.  There were quite a few people out to the Ice Cream Social last night.   

So, what do we have planned for the week?  I’m not sure!!!  We’ll scan the Ol’ Ta Do List and select an item or two to knock off the list.  We’ll continue getting in a walk or two each day and we’ll see if we can find something for an outing.  Basically, we have a clean sheet of paper to work with.  One thing, we haven’t been to a Cracker Barrel in a long, long time, so we’re thinking about going out for breakfast one day this week.  Maybe from there we’ll make a trip to Gulf Shores to sit on the beach – we haven’t done that since we’ve been back.

So thar ya have it.  Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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