Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Original Oyster House

One of the events that marks the kick off of the escalating season here at Rainbow Plantation is the Chapter 26 monthly meetings held at the Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores.  They are held the second Monday each month from October through April.  The meeting begins with the servers getting the drinks and lunch orders before the gavel drops.  It’s like any meeting with the reading of minutes, financial report, committee reports, old business, new business, etc.; after which, the eating begins.

We went with Norm and Linda and Judy and I ordered one entree with an extra plate.  The meal included fried shrimp, fried oysters, shrimp scampi, hush puppies, cheese grits, and red beans and rice.  Being that we split it, it was a reasonable sized meal – waaaaay tooooo much for one person.

After the meeting, Norm drove us along the beach at Gulf Shores.  It’s always a pleasant drive in the fall months with light traffic (not like the summer season) and the beach being relatively quiet.  Being that it was a windy day, the red flags were flying telling people to stay out of the water. 

Monday night the nose piece fell off my glasses again (yes, again – I had both of them replaced while we were in Maine).  Being that the glasses are two years old and all scratched up, I was in need of a new pair.  So yesterday we made a trip to Eye Glass World in Pensacola (Florida doesn’t charge sales tax on eye glasses whereas Alabama does).  I was able to get two pair for three hundred and thirty eight bucks – not bad for progressive polycarbonate lenses.  On our way home, we made a stop by JoAnn Fabrics so Judy could get some thread for the Man Quilt.

You’ve heard of “Reading With Rover” programs at schools and libraries?  Well here’s Alex’s version - he joined his mom for reading time yesterday.  A contented katt, to say the least!!!  He has lots of kattonality, doesn’t he?


Alex says, “Enough already!  Go get some pictures of Katie.”  So, I guess I’d better before she develops an inferiority complex.  “Come on, Katie, Come.  Look at the birdie.  Smile big!”

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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