Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is Our Summer Weather Heading South?

“They”, who ever “they” are, are calling for highs of 86* today and 68* tomorrow.  A cold front is moving across a warm behind causing much disturbance; that means some inclement weather heading our way for the over night hours.  There’s a possibility of an early frost on both Wednesday and Thursday nights with temps in the high 30’s.  Let’s hear it for the heated mattress pad!!!!!

East Traveler Street is beginning to fill up.  Vern and Betty arrived Sunday, Gil and Orma returned yesterday, and we think Bob and Kleo maybe back (their motorhome showed up a few days back, but we haven’t seen them out and about).  Others will be pulling in shortly, it’s nice to have neighbors again.   But, in three weeks from yesterday, we’ll be pulling up stakes and heading out for a couple of months.  Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to w*rk we go!!

Judy continues to work on the Man Quilt while I defrosted the fridge and flushed out the black tank (or was it defrosting the black tank and flushing out the fridge).  Whatever, it resulted in two more items being crossed off the Ol’ Ta Do List.  Being another nice day in the southland, we spent some time reading yesterday afternoon.

Today is grocery shopping day – off to see Uncle Wally.  Not sure what else will crop up on the agenda.  There are still a few items left on the Ol’ Ta Do List to get completed before we leave, so will probably keep working on them.  Then, there’s always a book or two to stick our noses into.  Judy can only sew a few more squares before we need to get some more thread (didn’t get enough while we were at JoAnn Fabrics).  We’ll get some more when I pick my glasses up, most likely on Friday.  Anyhow, she’ll be out of business until we get more thread.

So, all in all, it’s pretty much same ol’, same ol’.  Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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