Friday, October 07, 2011

It Was The Truck’s Turn

We were going to go to Gulf Shores and the beach, but I called B&D Automotive to see about getting the truck in to replace the wheel bearings.  They said, “Come on down!!!” (actually it was up).  The good news is that the wheel bearings didn’t need to be replaced, however, while the truck was there they looked for the coolant leak.  It turned out to be another short little piece of hose on the back of the engine that had a small hole in it.  It would only leak when the pressure built up in the cooling system.  Also, I had them change out the fuel filter as it has been almost two years since it was replaced last.  It was after two o’clock before I returned home so we didn’t get to the beach.

Wednesday nights we have our two-four-two home group gatherings.  The groups are based on Acts 2:42 – “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”  And that’s exactly what we do – we gather together for a time of fellowship before, during, and after a nice meal and then have a time of Bible study followed by prayer.  Just like at the Plantation:  good food, good friends, good times.

This week’s topic was, “Is Jesus A Republican?”  We all know that a true Christian would never be a Democrat, right?  I’m sure that it is written in scripture that God, and Jesus, is most definitely a Republican, right?  Well, not so fast, Maverick!!!  When one reviews the Republican platform and/or the Democratic platform, we discover how little they have in common with God’s teaching.  Both parties have gotten greedy and both parties have become corrupt.  Anyway, short of going through the whole Bible study, the bottom line is that God has His agenda in the world and reveals it to us through His Word.  It’s up to us to find out what direction He is going and to get onboard with His plan.   So, how are we doing so far?

Judy has all the blocks (140 of them) cut out for the Man Quilt.  Next is cutting out all the batting (70 of them) and, then, out comes the sewing machine.  All seventy blocks will have to be sewed together (front, batting, and back) first.  Then the blocks will be joined together to form the Man Quilt.  Still a lot of work ahead, but it won’t be too much longer before I can lean back in my recliner, cuddled up in my blankie with my thumb in my mouth.

Will we go on an outing today?  Don’t know.  We’ll decide as the day progresses.  We’re down to making up the rules as we go along.  The Ta Do List still looms overhead – it’s smaller than it was, but it’s still alive and well.  But we do need to get out and about occasionally just to kick the stink off.  And this weather is just plain perfect.

Anywhoo, Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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