Friday, October 21, 2011

Viola Turns Ninety-Two

Cushman and Barbara threw a party to end all parties in honor of his mother’s (Viola) ninety second birthday.  And, No!!!  This isn’t Viola!!!  This was the Maitre d', she collected the birthday cards. 


This is the birthday girl, Viola!!!!


The house was all decked out for the occasion -

DSCF5719 DSCF5716

There were servers on hand -


And there was live music -


Cushman and Barbara provided a full bar, a huge spread for making sandwiches, a chicken soup, a clam chowder, and lots of cake and ice cream for the celebration.  A large crew was on hand to help celebrate Viola’s ninety-second as the entire park was invited.

Here’s what happens when you put 92 candles on a cake and set fire to them -


That little stunt resulted in -


What a hoot!!!  The Fire Chief made Viola an honorary fireman (eh, woman) -

DSCF5731  DSCF5732-1

A good time was had by all; who says we “keen-agers” don’t know how to have a little fun.  Thanks Cushman and Barbara for a wonderful fun evening.  And, oh yes, Happy Birthday, Viola!!  May you have many more!!

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  1. how cute is that...:) looks like she had a great birthday and became an honoray to boot...:) May she have many more birthday celebrations