Thursday, April 19, 2012


Everyone knows that an army moves on it’s stomach.  The same is true of fulltime RVers.  An army carries K-Rations with them just in case they aren’t able to get back to the chow line in time for swill stroganoff.  Norm felt that the Wandering America entourage needed to carry rations as well.  So he prepared B-Rations for us and he and Linda brought them over on Tuesday night.


Now the B-Rations were labeled so we’d know when we could partake in each ration.  There’s a Ration for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  I guess we’re on our own after Saturday or, maybe, Norm figured we’d come back to the Plantation for some more.


But, there is a B-Ration designated for “For Emergency Only”.  We had an uneventful travel day yesterday making our way to C of L State Park in Lebanon, Tennessee.  With any luck, we’ll still have that ration with us when we arrive back at the Plantation after six full moons.


But something tells me that Mr. Hungry will show up and that would most definitely qualify as an emergency.

We partook in Wednesday’s ration last night after dinner; those brownies were divine.  They were nice and soft and chewy and yummy.  Norm’s going to make someone a great wife.  Thanks, Norm, now this fulltime entourage can move on its stomach just like an army.

Oh yes, we did have a grandchild fix with lots of hugs last night.  Matt and Jackie brought the little monsters over for a little visit.  Needless to say, they were wound up.  They tried to terrorize the katts, but Katie and Alex held their own by “hissing” the kids away.  But, Katie took a liking to Radek.  Catia was tickling him on the floor and he was loudly laughing (kind of a scream).  Katie came running and positioned herself in the attack mode.  We had to tell Catia to leave Radek alone or endure the wrath of Katie who was just about to pounce on her.

We’re not sure what’s up for today, but you just know that at some point it will involve grandkids.

Be Sure To Hug Your Grand Children and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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