Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tucked Away In The Ho, Ho, Ho, Raccoon Valley

We absolutely love uneventful travel days and yesterday was just that.  Everything performed just as it’s supposed to.  We arrived at the Escapees Raccoon Valley RV Park around two o’clock Eastern Daylight Savings Time, which meant that we lost an hour at the Time Zone change.

After getting our tent pitched with utilities hooked up, we headed to Golden Girls for lupper.  We both settled on Uncle Charlie’s Grilled Pork Loin dinners.  Those loin chops were cooked to perfection, you could cut them with a fork.  We each had two sides and a diet coke that accompanied the pork loins and were filled to the brim upon our departure.

Since our bellies were full, we decided to give the truck a drink of good old number 2 diesel fuel.  Praise the Lord, the last two fill ups have been at $3.89.9 per gallon – we’ve budgeted $4.25 for the rest of the year and hopefully will come in under budget.  Don’t get me wrong, we still think that $3.90 is too high for diesel fuel, but whacha gonna do?  You either pay or you stay!!

Once we returned home, a late afternoon thunderstorm passed by forcing us to close the windows and go to the air conditioner.  Temperatures were in the low 80’s to high 70’s before the storm rolled in and dropped off quickly during the storm.  It was warm and humid again after the storm moved out.

This morning another thunderstorm passed by.  “Hail No” you say?  “Hail yes”, and lots of it.  Boy does that stuff make a racket on the roof.  It was definitely a rude awaking.  Fortunately it was only the small (smaller than a pea) sized hail that doesn’t cause any damage.  Maybe it washed the bugs off the front of the RV so I won’t have to.

Today is going to be pretty much a nothing day.  We plan to stay at home and play on our computers, read, wash the end caps of the RV, and, maybe, take a nap.  After a week of running every day, it’s going to seem nice to not even get into the truck.  The katts think that is a grand plan as well.  Katie is sitting on the sofa smiling while Alex is sitting on the window looking out the window purring loudly.  Contented katts are a good thing.

Be Good and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. We love Racoon Valley. We have done more repeat stays at this campground than anywhere else. We will be near Richmond for a few days and then on to Cherry Hill (we hope)campground in Maryland. Plans are to visit D.C. Who knows we might see each other.

  2. glad to see your settled safe and sound...a rest day is always good after it makes the katts happy :)