Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Balancing Act

Scratch the PJ day; the rain cleared out by ten o’clock.  Norm and Linda arrived at eleven to pick us up for the Sausage Festival.  Elberta holds a Sausage Festival twice a year, one in April and one in October.  The sausage is made locally in Robertsdale and it is quite yummy to say the least.  You can get your sausage on a bun with or without sauerkraut.  We got ours without and just added mustard; wished that they had had some onions, but oh well!

There were plenty of “crafts people” on hand displaying their wares, but nothing called out to us to take it home.  Therefore, we left empty handed having only spent money on something to eat – does that have a familiar ring? 

The festival was fun, but it was more fun to get out and about town with Norm and Linda.  We don’t see them enough socially during the winter season because of all the busyness going on around the Plantation.  And, of course, we took off for Kentucky this past November and December and just returned from traveling in Texas for the month of March.

Today is Sunday, so worship is the first item on the agenda.  It will be good to be back in our church once again.  Being away from our church is another hard part of being away.  I guess we are becoming well rooted here in L. A. (Lower Alabama).  We like to travel and see things, but we like having a place to call home as well.  Now it’s becoming just a matter of striking a balance. 

Twenty Twelve won’t be a “balanced” year because when we leave in a few weeks, we’ll be gone for at least six months.  I think that our preferred mode of travel in the future will be four to six weeks out followed by several months at home.  The other balancing act will be splitting traveling time between sightseeing and visiting family.  Someday we’ll get it all figured out.  Just like the guy said, “Once I got it all together, I forgot where I put it!!”

That’s All Folks.  Have A Great Worshipful Day and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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