Saturday, March 31, 2012

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring . . . .

I won, I won!!!  Not the lottery, silly.  I don’t buy lottery tickets and Alabama doesn’t sell them.  So what did I win?  I won the RV washing race.  I beat the rain.  Yesterday I finished washing the rig and today God is rinsing it.  What a team.  Now if Amazon would come through and deliver my new waxer/polisher/buffer.

It’s pouring outside.  Does that mean a PJ day?  I dunno!!  We’re supposed to go with Norm and Linda to the Sausage Festival in Elberta.  That maybe a washout.  If it is, then it will most definitely be a PJ day.  I have a recliner and a great book and a man quilt and a cuddly kitty.  All that I need to add is a nice cold drink and my PJ day will be complete.

I’m inviting my bride to join me, but she just might sit in front of her sewing machine instead in which case I’ll lose my cuddly kitty as well (he just loves to help with sewing).  But, she’ll most likely join me at some point during the day to spend some time reclining and reading as she has no less than four books to read in the next two weeks.  Then I’d get my cuddly kitty back.

After we finished our morning chores yesterday, we headed for Spanish Fort to get some kitty supplies.  We needed to pick up enough kitty food, kitty litter, and kitty vitamins to last until we get to Michigan in June.  The bad news is that they (PetSmart) were all out of Alex’s urinary track support supplements.  That will mean another trip up there before we leave unless we can find them somewhere around here. 

Talk about pampered pussies, they get Blue Buffalo’s Sensitive Stomach all natural katt food at $36 for a 15 pound bag.  They both have sensitive digestive systems and will get sick or diarrhea on cheaper brand foods.  Also, we get them Dr. Esley’s Precious Katt litter that clumps better and tracks less than other litters.  Then they both get treats, Katie gets GNC vitamins while Alex gets GNC Urinary Track Support supplements.  Alex is prone to urinary tract infections.  Katie doesn’t really need the vitamins, but she wants a “treat” whenever Alex gets one and the vitamins are cheaper than the UT supplements.

Well, that’s probably more information than you needed about katt care and it’s still pouring outside so I guess it’s time to roll over and catch another “Z” or two.

Have A Great Rainbow Day and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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