Monday, March 12, 2012

The Best Little Burger House In Texas

We got a slow start yesterday morning thanks to the time change, but we prefer Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time – it will just take a little adjustment to get used to it once again.  Also, we woke up to something that we’ve not seen is a few days – the Sun.  Oh how good it was to see our old friend shinning brightly over the landscape.  Plus, the temperatures are returning to more spring like levels in the 70’s and 80’s instead of the 30’s and 40’s that we’ve experienced over the past three days.  Life is good!!

Well there, we’ve gone and done it again.  Thanks to input from Boris and Natasha (AKA Paul and Mary), we (M&P, D&J) found another eatery that is way off the charts as well as way off the beaten trail.  It’s down the back roads,

DSCF8887 DSCF8907

over the hills,

DSCF8890 DSCF8902

and through the woods,

DSCF8900 DSCF8901

to the middle of nowhere.  It’s one of those places that you almost can’t get to from here.  It’s harder to find than Unk’s place which is on the backside of Patch Mountain in Maine.  Even the GPS got confused a few times.  But, in any event, the Alamo Springs Café located somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Texas half way between Comfort and Fredericksburg, on a back, back road named Alamo Road, is well worth the drive to get there.


It’s billed as having the best hamburger in Texas.  You take one of their burgers (1/2 pound of meat) topped with Monterey Jack cheese, mushrooms, and onions on a jalapeno bun with a half side order of onion rings accompanied by a couple of Shiner Bock beers and you have yourself a real meal, Mister!!  Some ol’ scrumptious eating, to say the least. 


The best part of this little outing was that Jim and Ellie along with Rod and Deb met up with us at the Alamo Springs Café.  This was the first time that we had met Rod and Deb.  What a neat couple, it’s always fun to meet up with friends that you have never met before.  Through fulltiming and blogging we have many, many more friends left to meet along the way. 

“Are we having fun yet?”  You bet!  Here’s a picture of Peggy taking a picture of Rod, Deb, Jim, and Ellie.


We all toasted Paul and Mary for turning us onto this place and thought of Randy the minute we laid eyes on those burgers.  Then there’s Jeff’s Challenge, six burgers on a bun with sides – it’s free if you can eat it all in thirty minutes otherwise you pay twenty-eight bucks.  Rod is willing to bet on Randy.

Right around the corner from the café is Old Tunnel State Park where three million (plus or minus) bats take to the sky each evening in search of insects.  The eight of us stopped by to investigate but decided that we’re batty enough so didn’t hang around to see the evening show.  Besides, the bats don’t return from Mexico until the end of March or first of April.  I wonder who counted all those bats to arrive at the three million figure?  One, one little bat.  Two, two little bats . . . . .

DSCF8920 DSCF8919

Then Mike, Peggy, Judy, and I said our good byes to Rod, Deb, Ellie, and Jim and took the long way home through Fredericksburg, where the girls did some shopping, and Kerrville, just to say we did.


By the way, don’t ask about our dining out budget.  We last saw that, in the rear view mirror, go flying out the back of CC and tumbling down the highway into a ditch somewhere during the end of February.  It’s a good thing that we had the Amazon Fulfillment and Spa Center experience in beautiful downtown Campbellsville last year.  And we’ll most definitely need the Hearthside Grove Motor Coach Resort experience this summer as we are looking forward to another month’s boondoggle with Randy and Terry in November along the east coast – Charleston, Savannah, and St. Augustine.  Anyhow, RVers, just like an army, travels on its stomach and after those burgers we’ll be able to travel a long, long way.

Today is supposed to be one of the top ten days this week, so it’s back to San Antonio to turn over a few stones and see what we can find.  Be sure to check us out again tomorrow.

Take Care and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -


  1. It was really great meeting you guys and we're looking forward to seeing you again before you head out. Thanks again for inviting us!

    Deb & Rod

  2. I love that you met Rod & Deb!! They are great folks. We have a blast with them any time we get together - it's just not often enough. And Randy said he'd give Jeff's Challenge a shot, if he went late in the afternoon. :) He appreciates Rod's confidence in him. :)

  3. I've woken up in more time zones since Dec that I can't keep track for the eating out budget?? Ours is all shot to heck too...but its almost as cheap to eat out in the south as it is to buy the groceries and put all the energy into cooking....nice to see you meeting bloggers :)