Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How High’s The Water, Mama?

Well, that wasn’t so bad.  Yesterday’s stormy day was primarily a rain event.  We had some thunder and lightening, but no severe weather patterns with high winds in our area.  That wasn’t the case everywhere in Texas.  Some tornadic activity was reported in various places around the state.  There’s still rain in our forecast for most of today and the mess that we had yesterday is hanging around Natchez, so we’ll be hanging out here for another day.

We (the four of us) decided that we’d been cooped up long enough so around five o’clock we decided to go out and “rustle up some grub”.  We found yet another fine eatery that quickly rose up our list of great places to dine.  The Grill is located in Shepherd, Texas about 12 miles south of Rainbow’s End right on route 59.  Great food at great prices, we rated it higher than Florida’s Kitchen.  It’s open more often (only closed on Mondays) and has a more extensive menu with good sized portions, the service was very good as well.

Being that we only get one “over the air” television station here at Rainbow’s End, Mike and I ran a cable between our rigs so that Judy and I could piggy back their satellite.  It’s billed as television Mikee’s way which means that we only get to watch whatever Mikee is watching.  The good thing is that Mikee likes NCIS, one of our favorites.  So we got to watch that and then NCIS Los Angeles followed by Unforgettable.

So, what does one do when one is cooped up inside?  Miss Judy and I did a lot of reading.  We both finished the books that we were reading and began scrounging around for something else to read.  I think Judy found something, but I’m still looking.  We made BLT’s for lunch and did the routine indoor chores.  I took a little snooze in my recliner, but that was just about it. 

We managed to schedule our trip to Texas during one of the wettest Marches in their recent history, however, they can really use the rain.  This early spring weather has nicely “greened” up the area plus we’ve had enough good days to see and do all the things that we’d planned; therefore, “it’s all good”.

Stay High And Dry and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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  1. Did you meet the Movie Man? When we stayed at Rainbow's End, he came around to let us know the name of the feature film for the night. He shows movies at the club house.
    I will make note of Florida's Kitchen and The Grill for our next visit there.
    I am sure we got more than one channel when we parked there but just can't remember since we wee there for one night.
    Travel safe - I enjoy your blog.