Friday, March 02, 2012

Welcome Home, Patterson Family, Welcome Home!!

We weren’t born in Texas, we’ve never really lived in Texas, but we are Texas residents thanks to the Escapees RV Club located here in Livingston Texas.  So, here we are, after almost six years, home at last.


It was another fine uneventful trip, however, we did get off to a rough start.  I pressed the button to lift the rear landing gear and nothing happened.  Oh, oh!!  Sumpin’ ain’t right!!!  It turned out that the roll pin that goes through a coupling that connects the motor to the drive shaft that raises the stabilizers had broken.  This time it is “all Darrell’s fault.”  The manual for the stabilizers states that they are not to be used to raise the coach, but for the past six years I have been using them to lift the back of the coach – not much, but enough to put too much pressure on them in any event. 

Mike and I unbolted the stabilizer assembly from the frame and transferred it to the picnic table so we could work on it.  Then we drilled a new hole in the collar and through the drive shaft to install a new bolt instead of a roll pin.  Then we reinstalled the stabilizer assembly to the frame, raised the landing gear, and got underway.  We pulled out about an hour later than planned, not bad considering the circumstances.  It’s a good thing that we carry the tools and supplies needed to make these types of repairs to our equipment.

We hadn’t eaten since the last time (which was breakfast) so once we got set up at Rainbow’s End the four of us made tracks to Florida’s Kitchen for Lupper.  It was Thursday which meant the special was a slab of ribs with two sides.  Each couple ordered the special to share.  Man, were those ribs ever gooooooood.


It may not look like much, but the food is ummmm, ummmm gooooood!!!!!  And you get more than enough to fill you up.


Once we returned to the RV Park, we took a stroll about the premises to gain just a little needed exercise.  Then  it was in for the night.  Today is inspection day for the truck and then we’ll be free to play; not sure what we’ll do, but something will present itself.

Hang In There Until Next Time and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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