Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Honey, We’re Home

After a two and a half hour travel day, we arrived safely home sweet home.  By twelve-thirty we were all set up and on our way to visit uncle Wally as the fridge was a tad bit light.  By two o’clock we were all moved in as if we’d never been away.

Last night we had dinner with around eighty of our closest friends at the clubhouse.  It was a “clean out the cupboards, refrigerator, freezer, end of the year, thank you volunteers, freebee” kind of dinner.   Larry and Karen were busy all afternoon preparing a potpourri of dishes to be served pot luck style.  There was plenty of food to eat with seconds and even thirds for those who were really hungry.  This will be the last week of Tuesday/Thursday dinners at the clubhouse as things are winding down here at Rainbow Plantation.  Yay, the Gary/Larry/Karen show will be on again for another season come this fall.

When we came home, the door to the coach was wide opened.  The first thought that came to our minds was, “where are the katts?”  When we got to the opened door, there was Katie just standing there looking out the door waiting for us.  Alex was up on the bed.  How the door came to be open and/or how long had it been open remains a mystery.  Absolutely nothing was touched inside the house and nothing was missing.  Good kitties, we had visions of spending the night looking for them.  Normally we lock the door whenever we’re away, but for some reason we didn’t do that this time.  From now on we’ll make sure that it’s locked before leaving the premises.

After we got settled in for the evening, we ordered a new set of steps and a waxer/polisher/buffer.  Like a lot of “stuff” that Forest River installed on our coach, the steps were cheaply built and actually dangerous whenever they are wet.  They were poorly designed and built with “light weight” steel leaving them weak and slippery.  So we ordered some new steps built by Hickory Springs which are slightly heavier with wider treads.

This morning I will don my workingman’s clothes, climb up on the roof with my knee pads and cleaning stuff, and wash the roof.  Tomorrow I’ll begin washing the rig from front to back, side to side.  Then I will “polish” the rig to remove any and all oxidation which will be followed by a “wax on / wax off” marathon.  I’ll be a busy little boy over the next few weeks, that’s for sure.

Judy will enter into a sewing marathon.  She has several projects that she needs to get done before we head north and she will have several more to work on once we set up housekeeping in Petoskey, Michigan.  While here at the Plantation she will pick fellow quilters’ minds for tips and techniques so she’ll definitely keep herself busy as well. 

Katie has a few things she wants to get done while we’re here.  She has birds to watch, toys to play with, and naps to take.  Alex wants to sit outside for tea time, help mama with her sewing, and test the mattress to make sure it’s up to standard.  So, as you can see, the Pattersons have plenty to keep ourselves busy over the next three weeks.

The fog is lifting and the time is moving on so I best get ready to punch the clock and get busy.

Take Care and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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  1. It's funny how daily life of a full-time RVer and a person who lives in a bricks and sticks home is not that different. Chores, sewing, dinners, pets and, of course, the naps! Enjoyed your blog today.