Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Admiral Nimitz And Pacific War Museums – Part I

Fredericksburg, Texas is, also, the home to the Admiral Nimitz and Pacific War Museums.  One ticket gets you into all three locations; the Admiral Nimitz Museum, the National Museum Pacific War, and the Pacific Combat Zone.  We spent close to five hours touring these museums which should be on your bucket list of things to see.


Chester M. Nimitz was born in Fredericksburg in 1885.  He attended the U. S. Naval Academy and was a flag officer during World War II.  He rose to the rank of five star admiral and was the Chief Naval Office (CNO).  His grandfather’s hotel has been converted into the Admiral Nimitz Museum with architecture that somewhat resembles a ship.


The Admiral Nimitz Museum highlights include: the Nimitz Family, Chester Nimitz from his birth in 1885 to his early childhood in the old Nimitz Hotel, Nimitz's appointment to the US Naval Academy, his role during World War II, and the years until his death in 1966. There is a fifteen-foot model of the carrier, Nimitz (CV-68) on display.

Next it was onto the George H. W. Bush Gallery which features a 33,000 square foot exhibit of the story of World War II in the Pacific.


The tour begins with a time line history of East Asia centering on China and Japan bringing us up to the attack on Pearl Harbor.  One of the Japanese Small Submarines used in the attack on Pearl Harbor is on display with a multimedia presentation of the attack being projected on the wall above it.


From there there are many static, multimedia, and interactive exhibits that bring the history of the Pacific War from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay to life.  You can put your cursor over the pictures for the captions.







Japan’s surrender took place on the decks of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on 2 September 1945.  Here is a model of the USS Missouri (BB 63), an Iowa class battleship that served the U. S. Navy from 1944 until 1992.


Tomorrow we’ll continue with our tour of the Pacific Combat Zone, Plaza of Presidents, and the Memorial Courtyard.  So, “Come back y’all, ya hear?”

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  1. If you feel like a burger after your trip back to the museum, we recommend Alamo Springs Cafe, south of F'burg - in the middle of nowhere. But, it's a scenic drive and the burgers are tasty!

    So glad you're enjoying your visit to our favorite part of Texas!

  2. Looks like some great museums. Thanks for sharing this. Definitely on my bucket list now. I love World War II history, especially the Pacific Theater. I served 24 years in the Navy and wrote a book on the Guadalcanal campaign.