Friday, March 16, 2012

We Did It Our Way

I stayed up until one A.M. reading on Wednesday night.  Judy got up at quarter ‘til three yesterday morning.  Then I got up at half past three in the morning.  Judy put the kettle on, Judy put the kettle and we’ll all have coffee - at oh dark thirty in the wee hours of the day.   Needless to say, we were kinda sluggish all day yesterday.

We made an early morning run to Uncle Wally’s to pick up some “stuff”.  Being that we’ve been eating out so much, we didn’t need very much “stuff”, but still dropped a buck and a quarter into the till.

A mid morning meeting with the neighbors resulted in three options being laid on the table.  Go back to Boerne and do the walking tour, go to Enchanted Springs Ranch to visit a wild west town, or hunker down at home and do nutin’ honey.  Being that it was still overcast and cool with occasional rain showers outside we opted for what was behind door number three.

Around three o’clock yesterday afternnoon the clouds began to part and the sun came out so we (Mike) broke out the grill and we (Peggy, Judy, and I) prepared side dishes while he (Mike) burned the steaks.  What a yummy meal.  If we can prepare meals like that, what are we doing eating out so much?  We fed the four of us for less than it would have cost to feed two of us at a restaurant and we ate like kings and queens.  Grilled Bar-B-Cued steak, steamed broccoli, warm out of the oven bread, a nice garden salad, and chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top for dessert.  Plus some nice Shiner Bocks for the guys and tea/soda for the gals.  Some ol’ good eatin’!!!

After dinner, we just continued sitting outside enjoying the company while watching the sun set in the west.  It turned out to be a very fine day indeed.  A nice setting on top of the hill, good food, and nice folks – who could ask for anything better.

Here’s a couple of pictures that attests to the contentment that we feel.  Comfy Kitties.

DSCF8984 DSCF8985

Keep On Keeping On and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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  1. you truly can't ask for anything better than that :) love the Katt pics...