Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Much Happenin’ ‘Round Here

Finally, Mr. Sunshine showed up.  It sure was nice to see him once again, we were starting to grow gills on the sides of our necks.  We should have a nice clear travel day providing we don’t encounter any flooded highways along the way.  Louisiana had lots and lots of rain and, being basically low lying flat land, it tends to flood easily.

The only trip out yesterday was to top off the truck’s tank with good old number two diesel fuel.  Other than that, it was hanging out inside and visiting with the neighbors.  Peggy and Judy went for a nice power walk about the park, Mike did some preventive maintenance “stuff” on Winne, and I just putzed around for most the day.

After dinner, Mike, Peggy, Judy, and I indulged in some more root beer floats for dessert.  We managed to finish off the vanilla ice cream and A&W root beer.  They were yummy and hit the spot.  Once Mike and Peggy headed back to their stall, Judy and I cued up West Wing and watched another episode.  Then we settled in for a long spring’s night.

So today wraps up our spring break in Texas.  We’ll be in Natchez, Mississippi before day’s end.  Another day, another adventure. 

Happy Trails and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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