Sunday, March 25, 2012

Get Along Home Judy, Judy

That’s the direction that we’re heading, but first we need to have “brek-fest” with Randy and Terry on our way (well, maybe just a tad bit out of the way, but what the heck).  Yesterday was an uneventful travel day, but, oh-oh!!!  There was no room in the inn when we arrived at Fontainebleau State Park; that is, there were no sites with water/electric hook ups available.  They did have some “tent” sites which are huge so we opted for a boondocking night.

Not only was the site huge, but it was paved and level so all we had to do was put down the levelers, turn on the inverter, and we were “home sweet home”.  We have good internet coverage, good phone coverage, and lots of television stations (nothing worth watching, but lots of stations none the less).

Once we got set up we had BLTs for lunch.  Then we walked back to the office to pay for the site.  The gal gave us a list of available sites and told us to call her and let her know which site we selected.  She said we could come up to the office later to pay for the site.  That walk turned out to be a little over a mile (which means a little over a mile back).  A nice little walk in the woods on a beautiful sunny day.

We dug out our lawn chairs with some iced teas and sat outside while enjoying our boondocking site here at Fontainebleau.  The temps got up into the eighties with low humidity and a nice gentle breeze to keep us comfortable.  It was a nice relaxing afternoon.

For dinner we had a nice grilled chicken salad with a drum stick ice cream cone for dessert.  What’s this?  One day in a row without eating out?  Man, I can see we’re headed on a dangerous downward slippery slope.  We have a reputation to uphold. ya know??  This can’t be good!!!  Rumor has it that Mike and Peggy ate at home as well.

Here’s a picture of our boondocking site here in Mandeville, Louisiana as well as “the neighborhood”.  Large site, huh?  CC and Winne could have easily shared the same site.



Today, we head off for Bonifay, Florida to visit with Randy and Terry.  On Tuesday we’ll return to our stall at Rainbow Plantation to recuperate and get ready for our summer travels which will begin in about three weeks.

So In The Meantime, May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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