Monday, March 26, 2012

“We’re Here”

The weather has been absolutely fantastic.  Too good to be traveling, but traveling is what we have been doing over the past two days.  Anyway, “Honey, we’re home!!”  We came rolling into Florida Springs RV Park shortly after one-thirty. 

Terry was in the office making sure the owner was doing things correctly when Judy came walking in.  Randy made his way over to meet me while I was waiting for Judy to sign us in.  This is a cute little park just a mile off I-10.  They have an escort service (Randy and Terry escorted us to our site) and a swinger’s hangout (two neat swinging benches where you can relax).

Well, you just know that the conversation picked up as if it had never ceased.  It is soooooo gooooood to see Randy and Terry again and to be able to spend a couple days with them.  We sat outside to chit chat and laugh for awhile and then they “slung up some hash” (thanks for dinner, you guys).   It was so nice out that we ate outside as well.  Terry had choir rehearsal so Judy and I visited with Randy while Terry worked on her “flat” note. 

Once Terry returned we continued to sit outside until the ice cream started calling us.  A quick trip to Old MacDonald’s for a hot fudge sundae on Sunday quenched that need.  We continued sitting outside chatting and chuckling until the mosquitoes began chomping on us and then we moved inside for awhile. 

It was around eight-thirty when we headed home for Jammies and Beddy.  We slept with the windows opened for the second night in a row.  To repeat our opening statement, “The weather has been absolutely fantastic.”

Be Good, Be Careful, Have Fun, and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - - 

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  1. glad to see your there safe and sound :)....and enjoying the ice cream and the great weather...have a super week