Friday, March 09, 2012

To Luckenbach And “Bach” Home Again

Luckenbach, Texas is a little hamlet located southeast of Fredericksburg with a population of, more or less, three humaniods, two katts, and a dozen or so free range chickens.  There’s a Post Office which serves as a General Store with a Bar in the back and there’s a Dance Hall that boasts of hosting big name stars in country music such as Waylon and Willie.  The beer flows freely as music rings out with continuous boot scootin’ taking place just about every evening starting at five o’clock.  You just never know what big named country singer will roll into town just to “jam” for awhile.

Mike, Peggy, Darrell, and Judy stopped by yesterday and here is our picture tour of the town –

Hey, look!!!  I think I see a country star showing up now!!  Ah shucks, it’s only Mike.


You can ride into town and hitch up your steed,


Pick up your mail right at the window,


And sit on the bench to read it.  Be sure to place all your bills in that barrel and mash them down with those sticks.


Need Money?  You can get some extra cash while doing your “business”.  Just don’t drop any of it down the hole.


Then you can stop out back to get a hat made in the Hat Shop located right behind the Post Office.


And don’t forget to grab a beer while your in town; either at the Beer Saloon or the bar in the back of the General Store.


And scuffle on over to the Dance Hall for a little boot scootin’.


We were greeted by one of the resident katts,


And several of the free range chickens who were roaming around the streets of Luckenbach.


Actually, we didn’t go right “bach” home from Luckenbach.  We continued onto Fredericksburg for lunch at the Silver Creek Beer Garden which, believe it or not, is another of the German restaurants in town.  Then began our tour of the Pacific War Museum, but we’re going back again today to finish it so, you’ll have to wait another day to hear all about that.


Until Next Time, May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -


  1. This all makes me want to go back to Texas. Keep on having fun.

  2. We were there a few years ago, neat place.

    Jim and Linda