Thursday, March 29, 2012

Up On The Roof Top

I “clim” up onto the roof with knee pads, bucket, Lestoil, rags, scrub brush, and a hose and spent the next two hours on my hands and knees washing the roof.  Now I’m ready to go on vacation.  Being a tourist is hard work, but it is nothing compared to scrubbing a rubber roof by hand. 

Anywhoo, the roof is clean once again.  I got to thinking about it and it’s been over ten months since it was last washed.  Usually it gets washed at least twice a year, but we took off for beautiful downtown Campbellsville so it didn’t get it’s November washing.

That was it for the day, I have to pace myself, ya know?  “Ah but..two hours of pushing brush, buys an eight to twelve ounce two bit brew, I’m a man of means by no means – King of my castle.”

While I was “on top of things”, my bride was busy inside doing laundry, vacuuming the house, and several other household cleaning chores.  By the time we put most of our daily chores behind us, it was time for lunch so I prepared a couple of muffalettas for us.  That would be our big meal of the day.

From there, we took to our recliners for a little time of relaxation.  Then we drove over to Magnolia Springs library to get some new reading material.  Once we returned from there, it was Tea Time.  So I had a mixed drink while Judy sipped her iced tea.  My mixed drink was tomato juice with a dash of hot sauce mixed with a little olive juice and a nice queen sized olive stuffed with jalapeno pepper.  Ah, that’s good for whatever ails you.

Last night was filled with reading, watching the news (why bother?), and more reading.  Today I plan to wash half of the RV beginning with the front and working down the patio side.  Tomorrow I’ll do the other side.  Next week, once my new waxer/polisher/buffer arrives, I will begin the “big job” of polishing every square inch of the rig followed by the waxing of every square inch of the rig.  That’ll give me something to do and keep me off the streets, that’s for sure.

I think my girl friend is going to her quilting group this morning.  It’s time for her to dig out all her “stuff” and get busy.  She has a lot of projects that she wants to finish up by year’s end.  That’ll will give her something to do and keep her off the streets as well.

Be Sure To Hug Your Katt and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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