Saturday, March 17, 2012

And The Beat Goes On

The E’s and the P’s made their way northwestward through the Texas Hill Country to the town of Kerrville where we rendezvoused with Jim, Ellie, Rod, and Deb for yet another mighty fine meal.



This time it was at Bill’s Bar-B-Que and it was yum, yum, yummy.  The sides were okay, but the meats “were to die for”.  You get your choice of brisket, pork loin, ribs, sausage, turkey, chicken, and/or goat.  The meat was so tender that it just melted in your mouth.  Bill’s had a decent barbeque sauce as well, but I liked the smoky taste of the meat just the way it was.



After feeding our faces, we just sat around and visited for awhile.  Bill came out and took a group photo of the eight of us and gave us some “beverage can coolers”. (Jim,Peggy,Mike,Rod,Deb,Darrell,Judy,Ellie)


Then it was time to say “see ya down the road” to Rod, Deb, Jim, and Ellie.  We really enjoyed spending time with them and hope that our trails cross often in the future.  And it was wonderful to finally meet Rod and Deb face to face during our stay in the Texas Hill Country.

Of course, just because we’re adults and we can, we made a pit stop at DQ on the way home for some “small” hot fudge sundaes – notice the word “small”.  We certainly didn’t “need” it, but something cold was “Oh So Good” after chowing down on all that meat.


Now, we don’t want all you wannabees out there to feel that food, fun, and fellowship is all there is to this lifestyle, but food, fun, and fellowship is pretty much all that matters in this lifestyle.  It’s nice to go places, do things, and see the sights, but the best part is the freedom you have and the friends you meet along the way.  You can never have enough friends.

Today we’ll begin to “break camp” and get ready to roll down the highway tomorrow morning.  We’re heading back to Rainbow’s End where we’ll sit out the “severe weather” heading our way.  Then it’s onto to Natchez, Mississippi for some more good times and BBQ at the Pig Out Inn.  From there, Mike and Peggy will turn northeast heading up the Natchez Trace Parkway while Judy and I will head due east for a visit with Randy and Terry in Bonifay, Florida.

Be Sure To Make A New Friend Today and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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