Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Who’s The Biggest Kid In The Class?

Each time that we’re in town (Murfreesboro, that is), we like to join our Grand Daughter, Catia, at her school for lunch.  It seems that G-Pa is a hit with a group of six and seven year old girls.  They like to play math games with me, because I ask them questions like, “if I had two katts in one basket and three katts in another, what would I have?”  They’re fast and all screamed, “Five!!!”, to which I told them that that was wrong.  Of course, they disagreed with me and insisted that the answer was “five”.  I told them, “No, I’d have too many katts, that’s what I’d have!!”  They find those kind of math problems funny.

Anyway, we joined them for lunch and it became real apparent to us that the news of the recent Secret Service Scandal is having a profound affect on these young minds.  One little boy stated that, “The teacher was sick today so we had to have a prostitute.”  That one is hard to let slip by so I asked him if she did any tricks for him.  He said, “No, she just made them read.”  I just let it drop at that point, but did wonder what a “prostitute” would give a bunch of first graders to read.

Having lunch with a room full of Elementary School kids is a noisy affair.  It starts off relatively normal, but as the meal progresses the volume level increases.  It increases to the point that one would think they were at a Sunday Evening Ice Cream Social at Rainbow Plantation with 160 people.  However, we can attest that it was a rather subdued luncheon in that no food was flying this time, but I was ready with a hand full of peas just in case.

Speaking of peas, one kid was trying to eat his peas with a knife.  I got to laughing so hard that I drop a whole handful of mashed potatoes right into my lap.  Yep, we had lunch with our Grand Daughter and enjoyed it immensely, can’t wait to do it again next time we’re in town.

On our way home from school, we stopped by the kid’s to visit with Kalina and Radek for a few minutes before their nap time.  It’s gonna be hard to pull out of here tomorrow morning, especially knowing that we won’t be back until who knows when in this coming fall.  Kalina never wants G-Ma and G-Pa to leave.  “Why do you have to go?”  “I don’t want you to leave, Gramma!”  But, the munchkin had to get her nap to keep her from getting tired and irritable; besides, G-Pa needed his nap to keep him from getting tired and irritable as well.

That storm front that passed by the other day has brought in some cool, chilly weather.  Yesterday afternoon it felt like a fall day in New England.  The wind was howling through the trees outside so we just sat inside with the fireplace going and snuggled under our cuddle blankets in our recliners while reading our Nooks.  It just give one a nice cozy warm feeling while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate.  No need to go outside in the cold, just hunker down and enjoy a peaceful afternoon.  What fun!

We borrowed Matt and Jackie’s carpet shampooer so this morning is shampoo the carpets day.  Then later we’ll return the shampooer and spend some more time playing with the G-Kids for awhile before saying good bye for this trip.  So, I guess that’s it in a nutshell.

Take Care, Have Fun, and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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  1. I enjoyed your kids-n-math story. I've been tutoring my 5 year old twin granddaughters recently and we did some Booger Math. I'll let you imagine what our drawings looked like. Funny thing though - they got each and every problem right. Hmmmm. Maybe it's all in the methodology.