Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Black Team Defeats The Green Team

“Catia, what’s the name of your team?”  “We’re the black team.”  “But all the girls are white!”  “Granpaaaa, you’re silly!  Our shirts are black.”  “Oh, what team are you playin’?”  “The green team.”  “But Saint Patrick’s Day has already passed.”  “Huh?”  “I suppose it’s because their shirts are green.”  “That’s why they’re the green team, Granpa.”  “Okay then, go play ball.”

The Black team beat the Green team by 16 to 1, slightly lopsided to say the least.  So far the Black team is undefeated.  That’s because they were smart enough to recruit the best super star soccer player in the league, one Miss Catia Patterson (IMHO).

After the game we all went to Publix just to walk the isles and get “stuff” for a cookout that will take place this afternoon at G-pa’s and G-ma’s.  I suppose that we’ll have to take the G-kid’s to the playground, it’s one of their favorite activities when visiting the “Old Folks At Home” at Cedars of Lebanon State Park.

Last evening we attended the World Outreach Church.  The other Patterson’s didn’t make it because Super Star Soccer Player Catia was feeling under the weather.  A trip to Urgent Care revealed swollen tonsils and glands.  Now she’s on antibiotics, sure hope that does the trick. 

Pastor Allan Jackson (not the singer) was right on the mark with his sermon.  WOC is our second favorite church, right up there with Church on the Eastern Shore (COTES) in Fairhope (our home church).  The bad news is that there’s a bookstore right in the church and we ended up buying some books.  Judy bought a nice devotional entitled Jesus Calling and I got an biography on Derek Prince who was our very first pastor’s grandfather.  He was a great spiritual leader and author of many books dealing with spiritual growth.

On our way home we stopped by Subway to pick up a luscious sub sandwich to share for our evening meal, a nice inexpensive meal – “five, five dollar, five dollar foot long”.

This morning we’ll attend the PJAC church; that is, the Pajama Arm Chair Church (AKA COTES) online.  Hopefully our connection will allow us to participate in the service.  Pastor Russ is starting a new series this morning and we’d love to be able to follow along live over the next few Sundays.  We can always login later in the week and download either the video or audio versions.

Okay, it’s bye bye for now.  Take Time To Worship and May The Good Lord Bless You  - - - - - - - -

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