Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If It Ain’t Broke . . . . .

Then don’t fix it!!!  I wasn’t exactly happy with the finish I was getting with the Nu-Finish wax that I have used for years, so I purchased some McGuiar’s Color Restorer and McGuiar’s Wax with Carnauba.  Now that stuff does a great job, but it takes a lot more work.  And, you’d better not get ahead of yourself because if it dries on too long, it buffs off extremely hard.

So, just out of curiosity,  I grabbed the Nu-Finish and used it with the new waxer/polisher/buffer.  The new machine made all the difference in Nu-Finish’s finish.  And, the Nu-Finish is restoring the shine just as well as the McGuiar’s products.  Cheaper and easier with pretty much the same results, I’d say, “It ain’t broke”. 

Here’s a picture of my new Black and Decker waxer/polisher/buffer in case you were wondering what I bought.


Judy J. worked on her Scrappy Quilt Of Many Colors and finished the top.  Now she has to put together the back, put in the batting, and sew it all together.  She plans on hand quilting the quilt to finish it off.  It will be real “purdy”.  She’s done a great job with it, I’m proud of her. 

Here’s what the Scrappy Quilt Of Many Colors looks like at this time.


The weather has been absolutely fantastic – low 80’s during the day and 50’s during the night with low humidity.  If only we could have this kind of weather year ‘round (I guess we could, our house has wheels).  After lunch, we sat around outside in our lounge chairs reading.  There was just enough breeze to make it extremely comfortable. 

We picked up a couple pounds of Royal Red Shrimp on Monday when we went to Joe Patti’s Seafood in Pensacola and grilled them last night.  Now, I have to tell you, as far as we are concerned, these are more tasty than lobster and a whole lot easier to prepare.  Ummm, ummm good!!  They were better than any grilled shrimp that we’ve had at Big Daddy’s.  Sorry Jason, I think we’ve found our new place to eat – Home!!!

This morning it’s back to the VA Clinic for my annual exam, then I’ll return to wax on, wax off.  I should finish up the starboard side and the front cap today with the port side left to do.  I should finish that by the end of the shift on Friday.  Then we’ll be loading up the bikes and patio “stuff” to take with us on our summer travels.  Everything will be ready to roll by Monday evening and then we’ll be on the road again come Tuesday morning for a grand child fix by day’s end.

Take It Easy and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. The quilt looks great!

    And I'm looking forward to grilled shrimp at D & J's next month!

  2. Beautiful, Judy! Oh...and Darrel, we're sure the rig is beautiful, too!

  3. Which model Black & Decker did you get? I need to do the entire back cap over since they didn't polish it, they just waxed it so now it's all streaky.


  4. Mikee sent me to your site to see Judy's newest quilt top since I love to quilt too. Just thought I'd let you know I think it's beautiful, too. And hand fav. Enjoy! Marcie (Mike's sister).

  5. And thanks, too, Judy, for repairing Mikee's scrappy rag quilt!