Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Two Weeks To Go

So, where did we end up by the end of the day?  Let’s see, Miss Judy got two more rows of her quilt sewed together and did all the daily indoor chores.  I gave the truck a bath, sanded and refinished two TV tables, and installed the new steps.

Judy has lots and lots of quilting projects that she will be working on over the summer months so she wants to leave her sewing “stuff” set up.  Being that we live in a small house on wheels, the only place where she can do that is the dining room table.  Therefore, we decided to take a couple of our folding TV tables with us except they were a mess from being used outside.  So Judy suggested that I just refinish them which is exactly what I did yesterday. 

First I sanded the tops, then wiped them down real good, and, finally, I applied two coats of Watco Danish Oil which I had left over from another project.  Now they are looking good once again and can be used for dining while the quilting projects are underway.

Fedex delivered the front steps right after lunch which left me enough time to unbolt and remove the old ones a install the new ones.  It was a one for one swap, but the bolting was a little difficult to get to due to a couple of brackets that were in the way.  In any event, the job is done and the new steps are much sturdier than the old ones plus the nonslip tread goes clear to the front edge to help eliminate any chance of slipping.

By the time I finished installing the steps, it was Tea Time so the missus and I sat outside sipping our brew of choice – hers, an iced tea, and mine, a nice mixed drink (my tomato juice concoction).  We spent the rest of the afternoon reclining and reading.  Last night was NCIS night; I think it might have been a repeat, but we hadn’t seen it before.

Today is supposed to be another rainy day.  The eye doctor is coming to the clubhouse this morning so Judy and I are going to get our eyes checked out – this is a freebee.  Then I need to get our 2011 taxes completed.  The Federal taxes are already done.  We owe money so we’ve held off from submitting the taxes until now.  I still need to do our Kentucky state taxes.  Hopefully we’ll get some money back from our stint in beautiful downtown Campbellsville, Kentucky.

Before I can move onto polishing and waxing the coach and the truck, I have to get the gas fired goat out to chew up the lawn.  With all this rain, you can actually see the grass growing.  But it is really nice and green around the Plantation which is a welcome sight.  It’s always nice to have Spring spring forth after the drab winter season.

We’re making good progress, all in all, and will be ready to pull up stakes in two weeks.  Yep, two weeks from today we’ll be “on the road again”.  Time for a grandchild fix.

Don’t Work To Hard and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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  1. Glad to see those new steps are in and working well! Wow - only 2 weeks huh ... You 2 are getting as bad as us when it comes to "Wandering America."