Friday, April 20, 2012

A New RV Parking Spot Just Opened Up

We’re on Monster patrol this morning.  Matt and Jackie are going with Catia on a class field trip which means that G’ma and G’pa are on Kalina and Radek watch.  So Katie and Alex will be home alone all morning and half the afternoon.  They like that better than the alternative – having the G’kids running loose in their domain.

Other than that, yesterday was a fairly productive day.  We took a drive over to Cookeville and Livingston just to see what those areas had to offer.  Not much really, but the area is quite pretty as it is in the “Plateau” which is the beginning of the Appalachian Mountain range.  We stopped at one of our favorite watering holes, Demos’ Family Restaurant, on our way back for another fine “linner or lupper” meal.  They have 78 meals under $7.99 and everything that we’ve ever had there has been very good.

After traipsing around the countryside, we went for another grand child fix.  We were at their house when Catia came home from school so we got to spend time with all three grand kids – it’s all about grand kids.  Once we returned home, we spent a couple hours reading.

Our son, Marc, called from New Hampshire last night.  They have purchased their first house and have already moved in.  They closed on Monday and have been busy, busy, busy moving in since then.  The good news is is that they have a nice RV parking site right next to the house so we now have a free place to stay whenever we’re visiting the Grandkids (and their parents) in the Northeast.  That, also, means more face time with them during our visits – Yay for our team!!!

Well, I must go and wash this pudgy little body of mine and get ready for guard duty.

So, May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -


  1. Guard duty indeed! More like those kids have Grandpa sitting duties!! Have a "grand" day.

  2. Great news about the RV parking site...and to have it right next to your grandkids is a true win-win!!

  3. excellent news about the RV spot....definitely a win win for everyone...babysitters in the yard :)...have a 'super' day

  4. Having a parking place and hook up right next to the kids' house is the best of both worlds!