Monday, April 02, 2012

Off To See The Vampire

Just a quickie this morning.  While most of you were still sleeping, I was on the road heading to the Vampire’s (Pensacola VA Outpatient Clinic) to have blood drawn for my annual doctor’s appointment which is next week.  Fun, eh?  I had to be on the road by six this morning, now that cut into some sleepy bye time!!

Yesterday was a typical Sunday with church in the morning, the three R’s (reclining, relaxing, and reading) during the afternoon, and the Ice Cream Social in the evening.  After the social time, we stopped by Ron and Ruth’s just to say, “hi” and ended up spending an hour and a half with them.  We hadn’t seen them since we’ve been back.  They had just returned from the Spring Chapter 26 Rally which was in Biloxi, Mississippi.  It was a good visit and nice to see them again.

Later today I’ll get back to the chores at hand.  Due to the rain and the Sausage Festival on Saturday, I didn’t get the basement floor washed so that will be on the docket for today.  The waxer/polisher/buffer and the new steps will both arrive sometime tomorrow so, “let the good times roll”.  Those items will keep me busy for awhile.

Have A Happy Healthy Monday and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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