Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Enough Procrastinating Already

We had planned to leave the house around 10:30 to go to Pensacola, but around ten o’clock the VA Clinic called to cancel my appointment – the doctor called in sick.   With the morning already shot, we decided to go to Pensacola anyway so Judy could go to JoAnn’s Fabric.  She’s needed some fabric for a special project (I’m not at liberty to say what that project is).

We had been wanting to get together with our neighbors, Gil and Orma, for a few months now, however, our schedules haven’t meshed.  Yesterday things worked out so that they accompanied us to Pensacola (actually we accompanied them as Gil drove) and we went to King Super Buffet for a good Chinese linner (or lupper).  From there we made stops at JoAnn’s Fabric, PetSmart, and Joe Patti’s fish market before returning home.  We had a great time; need to do it more often.  

Today I must, emphases on must, get back to waxing.  We have one week to get ourselves ready to go as we’ll be departing here next Tuesday and we have more than enough to do.  My doctor’s appointment has been rescheduled to tomorrow morning which means another lost morning of productivity.  The weather promises to cooperate with bright sunny days and comfortable temperatures, so I’ll have to spend more than a couple hours a day w*rking.  I can wax the starboard side in the morning and the port side in the evening – follow the sun (or in this case, the shade).

And, today Judy must, emphases on must, get back to sewing.  She is going with me tomorrow morning so we can make a pit stop a Walmart, which didn’t happen yesterday, to pick up the “stuff” for our 242 group dinner tomorrow night.

Well, Wax On / Wax Off and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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