Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Enjoying The Veranda

We had a uneventful three hour ride across the “back roads” of Michigan arriving at the Fabulous Friendly Faber Family campground at quarter ‘til two.  By two-thirty housekeeping was all set up and it was “Tea Time” on the veranda.  Now we may not have the stupendous view across the bay with the beautiful sunsets, but there’s a lot to be said for the serenity of country living.  Here is a picture, taken from our loungers, of the current view from the front patio.  Note, no neighbors to the right, no neighbors to the left, and no steady stream of traffic passing by.  Just plain old peace and quiet.


Ray says we don’t need a Pergola, we have a canopy of leaves instead.  And as for the landscaped patio, he thinks God has done an absolutely fine job of landscaping without any interference from us humaniods.  You just got to love that laid back country kind of thinking.

So the missus and I just enjoyed the rest of the afternoon on the veranda in our outdoor loungers with a nice tall glass of iced tea, a few munchies, and a good book.  Who could ask for anything more.  Aah, it only took us ten weeks to get back to this little piece of heaven.  We did make a fast trip to a local Amish farm to pick up some fresh veggies.

With a little reflection over our past ten weeks of w*rk we quickly came to the conclusion that the financial rewards did not justify the amount of time we spent w*rking.  Because we had to pay for our own site and we did not w*rk as many hours as we had expected (not complaining about that, though), we did not reap the financial gains that we had anticipated.  So, bottom line, we won’t do that again!!! 

The only workamping that we are looking at from this point on will be volunteering for a site only in the proximity of Arlington, Virginia.  And that, of course, is so we can visit with our grand baby Fortner and his/her parents.  Sites are very expensive in that area so if we could volunteer for a month it would be worth it.

Until Next Time, May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. Maryland State Park campgrounds use volunteers as workers in exchange for full hookup campsites. Check the Maryland Dept of Natural Resources website for contact info. Of course the campgrounds will be far more rustic than your recent work site !

  2. Looks like a wonderful site you are in. That's the quiet kind I love.