Monday, August 06, 2012

They’re All In Their Stalls

Yesterday we had five arrivals with two arriving before we went on duty.  Just after five two arrivals, who were traveling together, showed up.  Being that I was the only escort on duty, I sent one to an area just beyond the new clubhouse to unhook while I escorted the other to their lot (site).  Well, that’s when the fun began.  Even though they both had beautiful landscaped lots with gas fireplaces they were unhappy.  They wanted to be in close proximity of each other, not across the resort from each other.

Well, it took me forty-five minutes to get these two corralled into there lots.  Argue, fart, fume, whine, snivel, stomp their feet, and on and on.  We didn’t have any other lots to accommodate them for the two weeks that they are going to be at Hearthside.  I attempted to tell them how beautiful the area is and how much fun they can have at the resort, but they would have none of it.

One of them threatened to hook up and leave to which I wanted to tell him to not let the gate hit him in the rear fenders on his way out but, I was polite and didn’t lose my patience.  I remembered what my granddad told me about getting his stubborn old mule into the barn.  He said first he had to hit it in the head with a two by four to get its attention, then it would follow him anywhere.  It’s a good thing that there wasn’t any two by fours laying around.  Finally I got both mules in their stalls while both their wives were embarrassed by their husbands’ little temper tantrums.  It has to go down on record as the longest escort in history.  I think I may submit it to Ripley’s.

Other than that, it was a windy day.  Before heading off to work we took in the awning.  It probably would have been alright being that it was on the leeward side of the coach but, better safe than sorry.  We’ll put it back out again this morning along with the lawn furniture.  In the two months that we’ve been here, that’s the first time that we’ve had a “windy day” like that.  Now the cold front has moved passed and we are in for some bright sunshiny days with low humidity and seventy degree+ temps – just perfect.

Well, that’s the state of affairs here in Petoskey, Michigan.  May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -


  1. We had wind in Maine, too. About blew me down when we came out of church.

  2. Just think Darrell, you can add another line to the old resume. You are Judy are Escorts.