Sunday, August 05, 2012

It’s A Slow News Day

It’s turned down right cold.  The temps have fallen to seventy degrees here in Northern Michigan – brrrrr.  And the wind is blowing making for “ruff” seas.  You generally don’t see a lot of whitecaps out on the Bay.

Taken From Our Dining Roon Window

Today is Sunday which means worship.  We’ll worship once again with our home church in Fairhope, Alabama via the internet.  Last week, if you remember, they introduced our new Lead Pastor.  Our church is structured a little differently in that it has nine pastors – Lead Pastor, Discipleship Pastor, Missionary Pastor, Worship Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Youth Pastor, and Executive Pastor plus two campus Pastors.  The structure works well considering that the organization is ministering to around 1,500 people just on the Fairhope campus.  There’s a campus in Thomasville, Alabama and Gautier, Mississippi (pronounced Go-Shey).  Anyway, Pastor Russ, our Discipleship Pastor, will finish his series on being bold this morning.  Pastor Chris Bell, our new Lead Pastor, will take the podium on August 18th.  Click here for more information on Church On The Eastern Shore.

There’s not much to share with all y’all as we’re pretty much in a routine.  We don’t care much for routine; although, I guess no matter what we do, it’s still a routine, just a different routine.  While we’re at Rainbow Plantation there’s a routine.  It’s just that each day’s routine is a different enough routine from the previous day’s routine that it doesn’t seem so much like a routine.  But right now each day’s routine is the same routine as the previous day’s routine so it seems like a routine which becomes a rut.  We don’t like ruts either.  Our wagon wheels will get caught up in ruts and that’s not good. 

Right now w*rk is occupying the lion’s share of the day; I’m tellin’ ya, we’re becoming like “normal” people.  Heaven forbid!!!  The last thing that we want to be is “normal” people.  I know, most of you will write and tell us we have no worry about that, but just the thought scares the pants off us.  Ooooo, that would not be a pretty sight.  Yep, it’s a slow news day!!!!

Anywhoo, Take Care, Praise The Lord, and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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