Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hey mom, what’s for dinner?

Believe it or not, that’s one of the first things we consider after rolling out of bed.  After a ten hour day in the salt mines, we come home and don’t feel like preparing a big meal.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we don’t feel like eating a big meal; we just don’t feel like preparing one.  In any event, we have to decide at oh-dark-thirty in the morning what we are going to eat some twelve hours later so that we can take something out of the freezer.  So it’s, “Hey Mom, What’s For Dinner?”

The second verse was pretty much the same as the first in that yesterday was pretty much a carbon copy of the day before.  We woke, we sipped coffee, we washed, we dressed, we went to w*rk, we came home, we had dinner, we watched a little bit of the RNC, we went to bed.  The third verse will be pretty much the same as the second.

Fortunately the kids are pretty well behaved.  There are three of them so “fist fights” do flare up here and there.  It is amazing how well a two year old has learned to be a little brother of two older sisters.  That means that that little scamp has learned how to “pull their strings”, “push their buttons”, or how ever you want to phrase it.  When you have two kids playing together (oxygen and fuel), they get along pretty well but, when you throw a third one into the mix (match) you get an explosion – Ka-Bomb!  So the key is to keep Huck (AKA Radek) busy playing with his monster trucks and tractors.  (Grandpa calls him Huck, short for Hockey Puck – He loves hockey).

Our latch key katts are doing alright.  They hear the truck pulling in in the evening and both of them greet us at the door with the “where have you been all day?” expression on their little faces.  We have a fairly decent site here at Shady Acres, however, they like our site at the Fabulous Friendly Faber Family Campground in Mecosta a whole lot better.  Actually, that’s their favorite site.  How do you know that, you ask?  They are a lot more lively, they play more, they spend more time looking out of the windows, and they spend less time sleeping when ever we are there.  Unfortunately, they’re not all that excited about our home site at Rainbow Plantation.  We think it is because the site is more open and they prefer being in under the trees.

Okay, it’s time to start getting ready to return to those smiling little faces.  We are soooooo fortunate to able to live a lifestyle where we can spend time with our grand children.  Especially considering that they are spread all over the eastern half of this land and, in just a few more days, there will be one more in this world.  Poor kid, s/he will be born with $50,882.00 being his/her share of the National Debt.  There’s a sobering thought for this election year.

May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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