Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Tennessean Call

Our customer “servant” careers are coming to a fast end.  Last week we informed Craig that we were leaving to start a new career as Domestics.  Yep, we’re off to Tennessee to become Domestics for our three grand children.  Jackie has been offered a supervisor’s position with, but she has to go to Chattanooga for four weeks of training.  That means that three little orphans will need tending to. 

Matt and Jackie have lined up some baby sitters, however, there are still some holes in their schedule.  Babysitters would mean that Matt has to get up early, get three kids ready with all their gear, and drop them off at the sitter’s before work.  Then he would have to pick them up after work, bring them home, and feed the little munchkins making it a long, long day.  On top of that, there’s the laundry, the special dietary needs for Radek, housekeeping, grocery shopping, etc..  Jackie will be home for three days each week, but that won’t give her enough time to get it all done. 

So we decided that we needed to go to help out.  We didn’t want to see our grand children “farmed out” for ten hours a day when they could stay home with G’ma and G’pa and we could share some of the household burdens with Matt and Jackie.  Families come first; therefore, Monday will be our last work day and we’ll be heading south on Tuesday.

Now, for those of you out there in cyberspace who are looking for a workamping gig – this is not bad at all.  It’s relatively easy work with approximately a thirty-two hour (five day) work schedule.  Experience with Kampsite software is a must and we would recommend that only those with a class A motorhome ten years or newer and thirty plus feet long apply (that way you could stay at Hearthside).  I’m not sure if they will want to replace us for the rest of the season but, you may want to consider this for next summer.

About yesterday’s blog entry, Norm writes and says, “The Great Equalizer - The owner of a Prevost and any other RV must all dump their black tanks.”  Ain’t that the truth?  And the Prevost owner has to handle the same old stinky sewer hoses that the rest of us do.  I found it surprising that for two plus million you don’t get a little guy dressed in white to come out of a compartment and take care of sewer issue.  They don’t even have a sewer hose that unreels so all you have to do is place it in the dump receptacle.  Whassup with that?

Okay, other than that, we are off for the next two days.  We’re planning to go out to breakfast and then “hang around the house” for the rest of the day and enjoy the our bay front setting.  Tomorrow we are going on a day trip to Traverse City to take care of a little business and be tourists for the day so, hopefully, it will be a good day for pictures.

In The Meantime, May God Bless  - - - - - - -


  1. Good luck with your new j@b! That's pretty much what we're doing - domestic engineers!

  2. Glad you and Judy are able to break away and help the kids and grand kids. You are right, family does come first.

  3. When are you leaving for TN and will you be coming thru here??