Sunday, August 19, 2012

That Can’t Be Good!!!

Uh oh, that can’t be good!!!  While playing Bocci Ball yesterday afternoon, I noticed a little twinge developing in my lower back.  The pain kept on intensifying throughout the evening and during the night.  This morning I can’t bend over to pick anything up off the floor and it hurts to sit, even in my recliner.  What have I done to myself?  The last time I had pain in my lower back was after climbing all over the battleship Alabama.  I couldn’t even straighten up after that little episode.  We’re supposed to be getting underway this afternoon.  That could most definitely be a chore and a half but, I will give it the old college try anyhow.

Ray and Pat returned home from their trip down south around two-ish.  We had burgers on the grill, corn on the cob, and potato salad for a travel day dinner.  Judy had whipped up some caramel chocolate brownies with Moose Tracks ice cream on top for dessert.  Everybody was “satisfied” when the meal was finished.  This morning we’re going to visit them for a departure day breakfast – do I see a new tradition in the making?

They were amazed at Katie.  She stayed out in the livingroom and played with her toys, sharpened her claws on her scratching post, and was just generally sociable for the evening.   Pat said she had never seen so much of Katie.  Normally all that visitors see of Katie is her backsides as she makes a retreat to the bedroom but, Katie feels very much at home here under the trees at the Fabulous Friendly Faber Family campground.  This is one of her favorite spots in the whole wide world.

Alex, on the other hand, makes himself at home no matter where we are.  As long as he has food, water, mom, and dad (pretty much in that order) he’s a contented kitty.  But, don’t bother telling him he’s a kitty or a katt because he doesn’t care.  He knows that he’s the ruler of the household and that’s all that matters to him.  “Got any more katt nip?”

Well, today is Sunday and it’s Pastor Chris Bell’s first Sunday at Church On The Eastern Shore.  We’ll take time to watch the service over the internet.  The last couple of months we’ve gone over our allotted gigabytes due to live streaming the church services.  We’re online for about an hour and a half each Sunday but, it’s well worth it to be able to worship with our home church while we’re “on the road”.  We’ll go over our allotment again this month and most likely for September as well.  So, “Praise The Lord and Pass The Gigabytes.”

Be Sure To Worship and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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