Monday, August 20, 2012

Rolling Down The Highway

We managed to get underway in spite of my back issues and it was an uneventful travel day; a little over three hours.  We stopped in Mount Pleasant to dump our tanks and then continued along route 20, past the Soaring Eagle Casino, through Midland, and onto to I-75.  Katie and Alex traveled well but, were more than happy to get back into their little house on wheels.  We are at Shirley and Warren’s house and both katts like country settings with lots of trees around and squirrels and birds running loose.

This past weekend was the first week of the Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan.  Warren and Shirley have a booth at the festival so they weren’t home when we arrived.  They showed up later with a pizza in hand and we all shared a great evening meal together. 

We’re not really sure how today will unfold, but one thing I want to do is visit the “junk yard” to see if I can find one more center cap for the truck’s wheels.  Our son, Brian, had two so we only need one more to complete the set.  We had two stolen and then lost another one.  The truck will certainly look better if we can complete the set.

So, yes, we are slowly rolling down the highway in a southerly direction.  Barring any “eventful” travel days, we should arrive in the Murfreesboro area on Wednesday.  Then we’ll become Domestic Engineers for few weeks while Jackie finishes her training.

That’s pretty much the “state of the union” at the Patterson household this twentieth day of August, twenty-twelve. 

May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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