Saturday, August 04, 2012

Pink Sky In The Morning

‘Tis back to w*rk this morning.  We had a great day yesterday; the truck never even left the yard.  It needed a rest day as well.  Judy cut out some of the squares for the baby Fortner quilt while I reassembled the water filtration system (dang, still got a leak).  After we got our chores behind us, we enjoyed the comfort of our loungers outside while reading and relaxing.

John and Della arrived around three o’clock.  We visited for a bit then took a short walk into Bayfront Park.  When we got back home we burned some hamburgers to have with Judy’s world famous potato salad.  Then it was more visiting and chit chatting.

After they left, we moved inside to catch the news and watch some more of the Olympics (at least a little decent TV for a change).  Before we knew it, it was off to beddy bye and, now, here we sit on the verge of readying ourselves for another day at the “salt mine”.  Not much to write about, but a restful day off none the less.

“Pink sky at night, sailor’s delight.  Pink sky in the morning, sailors take warning!”  It’s a pink sky this morning and “they” are predicting some nasty thunderstorms for later today and into the evening.  Oh yuck!!  We enjoy a nice gentle rain during the night, but not those nasty thunderstorms with heavy straight line winds.  We’ll just have to pray that God’s hand is upon us and hope the storms dissipate before making landfall.

Hunker Down and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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