Sunday, May 08, 2011

Exercising And Relaxing

We are on a roll.  One day in a row now.  How far will it go?  Yesterday we did it, will we do it today?  That would be two days in a row!!  Whachu talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?  Why we’re talking about exercise.  Yes siree.  We walked the Eastern Trail for three whole miles.  The Eastern Trail is a Rails To Trail Trail which is just on the other side of the salt water marsh from the campground.  It’s a trail that begins in Kittery and ends in South Portland (or vice versa).  It was easy walking and we kept up a pretty good pace only stopping for pictures or for an occasional dawg fix (don’t tell the katts).

We began the trail just off of Pine Point Road.Eastern Trail

Snapping some pictures of the marsh as we walked along.  It was low tide.Saltwater Marsh At Low Tide

About a mile into the walk we passed by a golf course.Little Pond Next To The Golf Course

A view of the saltwater marsh at around the one and a half mile marker.Another Shot Of The Saltwater Marsh

It was a nice sunny day (at least for most of the day) so we sat outside enjoying some iced tea and reading our Nooks.  Alex came out and joined us for awhile.  I even dug out my painting “stuff” and plan to start working on my painting hobby in the near future.  Miss Judy is “fixinto” start working on her quilting projects again real soon as well.

Here at Wild Duck we get cable TV and yesterday afternoon the Animal Planet had on back to back shows of Cats 101.  Alex climbed up into the recliner with me and was mesmerized by that show.  He laid there and watched telly for about an hour.  We’ve seen Katie watch television before, but Alex has never shown any interest.  Now I guess we’ll have to get satellite TV for them so they can have their Animal Planet.  Sheesh!  What next?  Hot buttered pop corn?  And some Ju-Ju Beads?

Take Care For Now - - - - - - - 

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