Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Movin’ On In

We managed to get underway for our looooong travel day – 38 miles.  Departing Topsham Fairgrounds at 9:35, we were on site and entirely set up by 11:30.

Site Number 7

The front leveling legs were still not working properly when we hooked up, however, after dumping the tanks of close to 320 pounds (approximately 40 gallons at 8.3 pounds per gallon) they seemed to work just fine for setting up.  I may have to check out a different system with dual motors; one motor for each of the front legs.  That would assist with side to side leveling as well.  There just seems to always be one more thing to add to the “Upgrade The Coach List”.

Anywhoo, we’re all tucked away at Wild Duck Campground.  Here are some pictures to help make Charles and Ethel just a little “homesick”.  Hopefully they’ll be able to return next year.

Office Campground Looking Toward The Marsh Campground Interior In Front Of Our Site Peninsula Sites Dick Pond With Office And Marsh Salt Water Marsh That Surrounds The Campground

Chris, the owner, is a great guy (we haven’t met his wife, Jenn, yet).  He has given us a very nice large site in exchange for 28 hours per week.  We will w*rk Tuesday thru Friday.  I will w*rk four three hour days from 10 to 1 and Judy will most likely do four four hour days in the office during the afternoons.  The w*rk is less than strenuous for either one of us.  We both spent a couple of hours yesterday getting an overview. 

Now that we’re on our full fledged Weight Watcher’s diet, we went to Ken’s Place for a delicious Fisherman’s Special Seafood Plate with fried clams, fried scallops, fried shrimp, fried haddock, French fries, coleslaw, and dinnah rolls.  Boy, am I glad that thing doesn’t have any WW points on Mondays.

Ken's Place Ken's Place

When we fall off the wagon, we do it with style.  And it doesn’t take us long to fall off the wagon either - about 16 hours!  But, we did split the plate.  It was a good thing, too, because there was more than enough on that plate for two people.  It was good and not real greasy like fried food can be, but it was a heart attack heaven none the less.

Now that we’ve gotten the fried seafood thing out of our system maybe, just maybe, we can be a good little boy and girl and stay on the wagon, for a little while anyhow.  That would be good for both the bellies and the budget.

Man, is it quiet around here.  Also first light comes around five in the morning and by seven at night it is darker than a pocket.  The temperatures predicted for this week range from the 30’s at night to the 50’s during the days – can you say February all over again?  Alex’s internal clock seems to have adjusted to the new light schedule as he starts prancing about around four o’clock – yes, that’s in the morning!!    

Well, enuff is enuff so Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - - -

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  1. It seems strange to see bare trees. I'm in NC and everything has been green here for weeks. Looks like a nice cg.