Friday, May 06, 2011

Junior Citizens

I have arrived.  Yes, I’m now at the age (junior citizen, senior citizens are those older than me) where I know everything, but I just can’t remember it all.  For instance, yesterday I stated that the electric side of our water heater had quit working.  I figured it was the heating element that had gone bad, however, what I forgot is that you don’t start with the most expensive piece of the puzzle; you start with the simple things first - such as the circuit breaker.  Yep, after resetting the breaker the water heater works just fine.

Now, why did the circuit breaker trip?  We are on 30 Amps and, due to the return to the winter weather, we have been running the electric heater which has a thermostat.  Should both the water heater and the electric heater cycle at the same time, something has gotta give – that’s what breakers are for.  And that’s what most likely happened.

Alrighty then.  It’s nice to rise and shine for a change.  That’s right, after three days of overcast with rain, finally Mr. Sun is making an appearance.  Gooooooood morning, Good morning!  It’s nice to see our old friend once again.  It gives us a nice warm feeling to see that golden ball back in the eastern sky once more. 

As it turns out, today is our day off.  We will be w*rking Monday thru Thrusday with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off.  So, we are going on a road trip.  We’re headed for Mike and Peggy’s house.  We checked with them last night and they can come out and play.  Don’t know what kind of mischief we’ll get into, but we’ll find something.  “Don’t forget to take your camera with you, Darrell and Judy.”  “Okay, we won’t!!”

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - -

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