Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Budget, A Hunting Trip, And A Walk

Wow, May 1st already.  One third of 2011 is history, he says stating the obvious.  Yesterday we updated our April expenses and discovered that we are over budget for the first four months.  Food and Dining Out is where we are going to have to watch ourselves – I guess we’ll be losing some weight after all.  Surprisingly, fuel was under budget but that’s because we based the budget on $4.25 per gallon and we have only paid that much once so far this year.

As far as the scallops for dinner, we decided to wait until we get settled in Scarborough before we have a nice scallop dinner.  We plan to cut back on eating out and will see if we can get our food expenses back in line by the end of June.  So we’ll wait a couple of weeks and see how things are going before we mortgage some scallops for dinner.  The ham, ‘taters, and broccoli were good; just not as good as the scallops would have been.

Yesterday’s Quilt Shop hunting trip was successful with Judy bagging the materials that she needed for her next project.  She’s going to make a runner to put on our dresser; not something that is a must have, but a fun project none the less.  Plus, it is a new pattern that she has never tried before so she should have a little challenge doing it.

Yesterday afternoon we walked over to Mike and Peggy’s.  It’s only a mile and we needed some airing out.  Mike was working on putting a rail on his deck steps (an insurance inspector thang) so I assisted.  The four of us sat on the deck chit chatting while having some soft drinks.  Being that we were walking, we didn’t partake in Martooni Time – wanted to be able to “walk the line”.  Plus, we didn’t want to be accused of being “drunk in public”.

So other than all of the above, we did some reading – surprise, surprise.  Those Nooks are proving to be a good investment - we just love our Nooks (Terry???)  I have read over two dozen books while Judy is pushing a dozen or so.  We enjoy reading and it burns far more calories than just watching television.

Today is Sunday which means church.  We’ll be attending First Baptist Church of Freeport while we are in this section of Maine.  Judy and I have picked up our Bible Study books and will attend Sunday School this morning as well.  It will be fun to get back into our “old groups” again.  I’ll be joining the men’s class and Judy will be going to the ladies class.  Yes folks, this is Maine – churches have a boys door and a girls door plus a boys playground and a girls playground.  Just like in the fifties – only kidding, but they do have men’s classes and ladies classes.

First Baptist Church Of Freeport

God Bless And Bye Bye For Now - - - - - - - 

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