Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just A Doing It, Doing It

A few days back, Nick Russell listed some blogs worthy of following.  We’d like to add a couple more.  But, first, let us say that we follow a lot of blogs and you can find them listed “over thar” on the left.  It seems that a lot of us are in some sort of a holding pattern at the time being; just sittin’ around with one arm as long as the other.  However, there are a couple of couples whom we follow that are “out there doing it, doing it”.

The first is our good friends, Gene and Judi Curp along with Peanut the katt, who are making their way to Alaska.  A little over six months ago they traded their fifthwheel in for a smaller class C motorhome that is more suitable to their traveling lifestyle by allowing them greater access to the back roads.  This past week they just crossed over into Canada.  Their posts are always interesting along with lots of photos included.  Check them out on Scratchin’ the Itch and travel along with them as they continue their journey “Way Up North, North To Alaska” .

Another blog that we follow is that of our friends John and Sandy Byrnes’ who are currently traveling in Utah with their wonder dawg Koko.  They are visiting the National Parks/Monuments while their new home is being built in Arizona.  That’s right, they are moving from the fulltimer lifestyle to that of extended traveler.  Anyhow, they also include lots of beautiful pictures along with their travel story.  You can check them out at Mothership RV.

It’s still raining here in Vacationland (the ducks are happy though) and we’re still w*rkamping today; therefore, it’s the “same ol’, same ol’”.  Mike and Peggy arrived back into the great Pine Tree state last night after their boondoggle in Jersey.  The four of us are planning a get together for tomorrow; not sure what we’ll do, but I’m sure that we’ll come up with “sumpin’” interesting.  Tomorrow we’re supposed to start getting some breaks in this inclement weather pattern that we’ve been in so maybe, just maybe, we can play outside.  Otherwise it will be, “Break out the old checkers board, my dear!”

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  1. Thanks for following our blog, and the kind words. Hopefully it will stop raining so we can get out tomorrow and post a blog entry from Arches NP.

    Take Care......