Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wild Duck

Wild Duck!!!  It sounds like a great name for a wine, but it’s a unique little campground located conveniently near Maine’s sandy beaches.  Chris and Jenn, the owners, are fastidious about keeping this little piece of heaven on earth nice, clean, and appealing. 

When someone departs a site, we go in and clean it with a final raking which is akin to making the bed, turning down the sheets, and placing a mint on the pillow.  The site is rechecked again on the morning of the arrival of the next guests to ensure it is still in prim condition.

The bathrooms and laundry room are kept immaculate.  This is an Adult (in the traditional meaning of the word) RV Park and is managed and maintained as such.  This park has a nice infrastructure with interior paved roads that will accommodate large rigs.  The tree limbs have been cut back and the sites are reasonably sized for a small RV Park (70 sites).

Yesterday, after w*rk, Judy and I headed into town to visit the local grocery store – Hannaford.  We like Hannaford, they have nice fresh produce and their meats look very good.  It is pricier than Walmart, but it’s closer and Maine doesn’t tax food so our final grocery bill should be about the same as shopping in Fairhope.  Another thing that we like is choice; Hannaford provides more choices when selecting products.  Further, we need a change from Walmart as we haven’t be all that happy with our past few shopping experiences – same ol’, same ol’.

It was overcast for most of the day so when we came home we just went back to our reading.  Last night was NCIS night followed by beddy bye.  We’re in the Eastern Time Zone so our favorite television shows are on an hour later which means that we stay up later.  “Late to bed, late to rise, makes us tired, poor, and unwise!!!”

That’s gonna do it for today so Take Care And God Bless - - - - - -  

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  1. We plan on going to Maine when we go back to the East Coast. We got as far as Vermont but plan on going further next trip. Have fun

    Joe and Sherri