Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shopping, Rays, and Quacks

Yesterday was one of the top ten days for the week.  Actually, it was the best day that we’ve had since arriving at Wild Duck Campground.  We woke up to the sun shining brightly outside and it stayed that way all day long.  Temperatures got up into the seventies making it just plain nice.

We got up early and headed out for our shopping day at Uncle Wally’s (we did our produce and meat shopping at Hannaford’s on Thursday).  Let me say this about that.  Groceries are getting expensive.  We are going to be hard pressed to hold our food budget for the year (hard pressed nothing, we just ain’t gonna do it).  Fuel is also expensive, but our budget was based on $4.25 per gallon and we’ve only hit that once so we’re holding that budget (so far).

After we returned home and got our wares stashed, out came the lawn chairs, iced tea, and Nooks for some sun time and reading.  We also did a couple of walks about the campground to meet and visit with several other “campers”.  Dawgs are popular with adult RVers, so we were able to get several “dawg fixes” along the way.  Oh yes, we did work on our hobbies for a little while as well; Judy did some sewing and I did some painting. 

The ducks didn’t show up yesterday, they’ve probably gone away for the long weekend.  Chris said he hadn’t fed them this spring like in the past.  The population was getting too large and they tend to be very messy beings.  Don’t you just hate “campers” who don’t clean up after themselves; especially after you’ve been kind enough to feed them.

Well, I’m rambling with nothing really important to say.  We’re not sure what today will bring, so . . . .

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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  1. Ahhh...sunshine, iced tea, and Nooks (or Kindles!)...sounds good to me.